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ABOUT EVERYDAY PEOPLE (formerly East Village Barbershop)

All ages, genders, ethnicities, walks of life. We welcome you to our shop.

Everyday People Barber Salon is really about the people inside the shop. All types of people: the ones who work in our ‘hood', the ones who travel across Vancouver to see us, the ones who drop by to say hi, and the ones who work here.



A passion for our barber craft and dedication to giving the best cuts humanly possible. Barbering is no longer one-size-fits-all. The new era of barbers requires a more diversified, technical skill set that delivers a customized look perfectly suited to your head, hair, and lifestyle. 


We’re putting an emphasis on creating a community, having a little hub where people can connect, shoot the breeze, hang out, and feel like themselves. 


Kicking Back

Providing an escape from your regular gig. Everything from our services to the general vibe is set to help you unwind. Chill on the sofas, enjoy a drink, play a game, engage in conversation...or just listen to the music. 



You need a reliable barber that’s going to give you a great detail-oriented cut or shave every single time. Someone who you can trust and is easy to book.


All of our barbers are professionally trained. It’s our job to listen and understand your specific wants and needs. We’re happy to make recommendations, and are all about building your trust.

Open communication is key.



Scotty Muller


Say Hey to Scotty Muller. Scotty opened Everyday People (formerly East Village Barbershop) in early 2016. He has been cutting hair for over 9 years and has had the opportunity to work beside and learn from some of the industries best barbers. Along with cutting full time, Scott also teaches barbering at Blanche Macdonald. When he’s not covered in hair you’ll find Scott hiking, watching sports or a good series, or reading.


Scott Mcphee


Meet Scott McPhee. Scott is a master barber that has been cutting hair for over a decade, over three of those years at Everyday People Babershop! He’s all about the natural, specializing in short cuts from mullets to moustaches, skin fades to shaves. When not standing behind the chair you’ll find Scott at one of the local rinks playing hockey, playing or listening to music, learning Spanish, watching sports or gaming.

Sina Saadat


This is Sina Saadat. Sina spent a couple of years training at VCC before refining his craft in both the barbershop and salon settings. He is a modern barber specializing in all types of fades and beard trims and is also highly skilled in the classic using his scissors and straight razor. Sina’s a gamer, loves a good film or series, is a history buff and when not doing those you can find him shreddin'  the locals.

Chris Parfitt


This is Chris, AKA Chris P, AKA Crispy. Chris started his barbering journey by attending the Blanche Macdonald barber program. He loves the craft and the social aspect of the profession. He's a traditional barber focusing on short cuts, beard trims, and shaves. He's a sports junky and music head and will talk pop culture all day long if you let him.

In case you were wondering...We started out in Vancouver as East Village Barber Shop, but changed our name in October 2021. If you’re curious about the new name, read up on it in our BLOG. If you’re not, that’s cool too.

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