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We’re not solely a barber shop for men: We provide hair services to everyone.*


Whether you're up for a new look or only want a trim, our highly skilled barbers will help you feel at your best. Each one understands how to expertly customize a haircut to suit the shape of your head, your style, and your needs. 


We’re experienced in a wide range of cuts from pompadours and quiffs, to buzz cuts and undercuts, longer styles, and all types of fades. If you have something in mind, let’s make it happen!

We recommend that you think about these three things before sitting down in the chair:

  1. Your desired look - feel free to show us a photo or two

  2. Time between cuts - are you a committed once-per-monther or a ‘see you in a couple months’ type?

  3. Hair issues - any areas of concern (or bad experiences with other barbers) are good to know about before we pull out the clippers or scissors


BARBER CUT -  The Cutting and Styling of hair. Short to medium-length hair, fades and tapers.  Razor line up and Hair Wash available for $5 upon request.  

                Owner                         50

                Senior Barber            40

LONG CUT - As Barbers, our skills with longer hair are in what one might considered "masculine" styles  but we are happy to consult with EVERYBODY about their hair.

                                 Hair wash available for $10 upon request 

                 Owner                        60   

                 Senior Barber           50

BUZZ CUT One length all over.  Tapered Edges. Razor line up available upon  request

                 All Barbers                 20  


                 Senior Barber            35                                                                             

HOT TOWEL SHAVE - Luxury shave with hot towels, Hot Lather and natural oils and a fresh moisturizer.  

                   Owner                       45

                  Senior Barber          40

BEARD TRIM - Making beards look better (moustaches too). Any Shape, Any Size. Hot Towel razor line up by request.  

                  Owner                       35

                  Senior Barber          30 


*We cut all ages of hair except babies and toddlers for safety reasons—scissors and wiggly little bodies don’t mix.

**if you are looking for "a little bit all over" or "just the sides" please book a barber cut.

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