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We’ve Changed Our Name!

East Village Barber Shop is Now Everyday People Barber Salon

Why Lose the “East Village”?

We started out in Vancouver as East Village Barber Shop in 2016. It seemed like a good name at the time given the redevelopment in the area, but ultimately didn’t carry much meaning and turned out not to be memorable enough.

We also realized that we wanted to be something more than just another neighbourhood barber shop.

There are so many barber shops in Vancouver. How do you choose? Do you go by word of mouth, or do you pick a type, like traditional, low-priced, high-end, hipster, queer, etc.?

We knew we didn’t want to be too defined by a particular group. Being located in the incredibly diverse Hastings-Sunrise community of East Vancouver, inclusivity is pretty crucial to our existence. But we realized that it wasn’t clear to customers that inclusivity is something we value.

Enter “Everyday People”

Yep, it’s a clear nod to the groundbreaking 1968 song by Sly and the Family Stone. Its message of diversity and acceptance - without taking itself too seriously - meets us where we’re at. “Different strokes for different folks” pretty much summarizes what we do and offer in our shop.

So inside we still look the same, offer the same high quality service, and create exceptional cuts.

All the same, we’re now a little more focused on clearly-defined values like our craft, community, kicking back, and dependability.

Got a question? Hit us up. Want to book an appointment? Book here.

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